Recent log home restoration project

water damaged logs prior to restoration Water damaged logs
failed log cabin stain Prior to blasting
UV damage to log cabin
Prior to blasting
water damage on log
Prior to blasting

finished log home restoration
Completed job

Deck rails to be replaced

used corn cob on ground
Blaster and used corncob

using buddy blaster

Blaster and Perma-chink Corncob Media

log stain removal
Log stain removal

sill log

Sill log blasted

corn cob blasting
Corncob media
Little Giant ladders and blaster
Buddy blaster and Little Giant ladders
log cabin ladder work
Blasting East side

buddy blaster and  corn cob

Buddy Blasted and Corncob media bag

working log zipper area

Blasting NE corner

log cabin stain removal
Progress North side

back splash damage to siding

Backsplash damage to rough cut siding

Genie lift rental star rentals
Genie lift at Star rentals
genie TZ-34/20
Genie TZ-34/20 lift
cob blasting with CFM 185 compressor
cob blasting log cabin
Blasting West deck

Buddy Blaster ready for more corn

Blasting South side effected by UV damage

suffits were painted
Cob blasting East side


log deck pulls to be sanded

Blasting West side

carpenter ant hole in log
Carpenter ant hole

grinding logs

Grinding log end

genie lift in use

Lift rental $125 per day

Self leveling

log end grinding
Grinding log end
view from genie lift
View from roof peak
corncob media blasting
Blasting roof peak
cob blasting
Blasting saw-cut planking
sand blasting logs
Log end sanded
logs for construction
Logs were from property

log cabin restoration

Sanding log end

log cabin sanding
Gable work
log wall
Watching the progress
creosote log cabin chimney
Harness work

log cabin chimney

Fourty feet to top

log cabin corncob blasted
West side blasted
corn cob 40 lbs bag
Carrying corncob media bag 40lbs

Buddy Blaster

Blasting log end

Changing position

Log Cabin blasted

South end log end grinding
genie lft used for log cabin restoration
South end

saw cut rough planking

Rough cut chimney blasted

log cabin deck
Deck rails to be replaced

genie lift log home

Lift at max reach

corn cob blasting shed
Blasting shed
corncob blasting shed
Blasting shed
log cabin corncob blasted
West side blasted except for rail
applying borate
Applying borate
borate application
Borating south end after blasting and sanding
borate application  to rough cut siding
Applying borate to rough-cut siding
Lifeline Ultra-2 stain with UV boost
North side, first coat of stain
Log cabin chimney restored
Chimney cabin restoration
check mate sealer
Ready to apply Check Mate sealer
log zipper, Swedish cope style
Log end zipper
log end seal application
Applying Perma-chink log end seal

log ends on cabin deck
Sanded smooth

Log end seal used on end grains

water damaged log check
Water damaged check

Check Mate will be applied later

Perma-chink Ultra-2 Lifeline stain applied
Ready for final top coat
log end grain with perma chink log end seal used
Log ends after using log end seal
Swedish cope style
After log end seal is applied

Perma chink Lifeline Ultra-2 stain used with UV Boost
Project complete, deck rails to be replaced

Perma-chink Lifeline Advance Satin used

Log end grain at cabin gable
Log end at top of cable
Log end seal used on log end grain
Log end seal applied
UV and water damaged logs

creosote damage to chimney